Join me in welcoming the new additions to our leadership team serving for the next 3yrs!

  • Don Dietrich
  • Chris Ostrander
  • John “Jackie” Tatum
  • Pete Klinkenberg
  • Mark Bate

Special thanks to our outgoing XO for a well-run and well-fed Annual Meeting, Tony Shams. Tony’s tireless efforts on behalf of the Krewe have created outstanding events like this one.

And thanks to our Cove Chair, Tom Callahan, for an event space and set up and breakdown that made the night.

2024-25 will be an exciting year. If you are on the board and have interest in line officer leadership, please let our captain Bob Hill ( By Monday April 15th.

Our vote for captain, XO, purser, Yeoman and Sargent of Arms will be at our reorganization meeting on May 2, at 7pm.

All members are encouraged to attend, I hear our new captain will be buying drinks afterwards.


Captain Bob Hill