In the coming week you will be receiving notices and reminders for Gasparilla events chaired by our XO, Tony Shams.

Its Important that you check your email and the Krewe Website often during the busy parade season. I ask you to help fellow brothers that are not familiar with the technology – we need everyone to be on board for what will be a wonderful ride this season

King Gordon Kurger and His Queen Preya Persaud want to make sure the entire krewe family is SMILING through-out the their year. This happiness starts with you planning and attending as many Krewe events as possible. I, our XO and board are committed to achieving our Royalty’s goal to build the krewe to 100 members, and to make sure we are all engaged and enjoying all that the Krewe offers.

Our communications is undergoing revisions and tests in December to assure it is as inclusive as possible. Please make sure you check you spam filters and junk mail to assure that you are not missing any important Krewe notifications. We have been in transition over the last year- and believe we on the verge of resolving all the past communication challenges. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we move our technology and communication forward.


  • Register for invasion
  • Book your hotel room for Gasparilla – 50 are gone already – remember all suites at the Embassy Suite, free full breakfast and 2hr cocktail hour each night
  • Book you attendance to our Denim and Diamonds Friday night party
  • Spouses options for the very popular Casino Bus are available this year again
  • Paymaster Ski Trip ( 2/29-3/4) are on our site- please consider this exciting event
  • Our King’s Trip 8 Night Pacific Coastal Cruise is booking fast- don’t miss out on what will be a trip of many SMILES

If my XO ( Tony Shams) or I can be of any assistance to you enjoying the Krewe more let us know.

My email is

Bob Hill- Captain 43, YMKN