To all YMKN members,

I want to Congratulate the new Board members elected last night at the Annual meeting. YMKN elected and welcomes six new Board members to replace the six members retiring following an extended 4 year term. The new Board members include:

1. Tom Callahan

2. Chris Fitzpatrick

3. Tony Shams

4. Mark Baserap

5. John Morrow

6. Chris Ostrander

Please feel free to reach out to them and extend all of our appreciation for their commitment to YMKN. 

I also want to offer my sincere “Thanks and Appreciation” to the six retiring members that have served YMKN so admirably. Serving on the YMKN Board of Directors is a tremendous commitment of time, energy and patience. The six Board members include:

1. Stuart Simm

2. K.C. Clark

3. Mike Wyckoff

4. Steve Beaty

5. Peter Klinkenberg

6. Don Dietrich

Again, please offer a “YMKN Thank You”  to these gentlemen. We all appreciate your service and sacrifice to YMKN.

All 12 of these Board members should plan to attend the May 4, 2023 Board meeting at the Cove at 7:00. One of the key functions at this meeting will be to elect the 2024 Board Officers to a 1 year term. These positions include: Captain, XO, Master of Arms, Purser and Yeoman. Only the current and new Board Members are entitled to vote. If you have a calling to serve in any of these roles, please notify me and we can get your message of interest conveyed to the entire Board to secure their vote. Please copy Eric Long to forward out your message to the Board members.

In closing, a loud HIP!, HIP!, Hurray for all of these gentlemen for continuing a long succession of successful events and comradery within YMKN. Also, a big shout out to Bob Hill for coordinating the Annual Meeting last night. Great event!

It’s been a great year!.

Al Guenthardt

Captain XLII