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YMKN Kings Coins

Coin of Our Current King K. C. Clark NEPTUNUS REX XLI

The First YMKN King’s Coins started with John Hoche, Neptunus Rex III, but the Coin of Fellowship which had each krewe members number was conceived in 1995 by Paul W. Martin, our King Neptunus Rex XVII.

Members should carry their numbered coin with them at all times. Members at anytime or anywhere may challenge another member to present his coin.

Paul Martin established the rules concerning this Coin and the Challenge.

They are as follows:

  • The Challenge: A member may ask another member present their coin. If they do have their coin, the asking member is obliged to buy the challenged member a drink. If the challenged member does not have his coin, that member must buy the drinks.

  • The coin presented must be the coin of the Current King.

  • Past Kings may carry and present their own coin at anytime.

  • The coin of the Previous King may be presented only if the member has not received the coin from the Current King. All coins are usually received within two weeks of the Coronation Ball.

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