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YMKN Kings Coins

Coin of Our Current King K. C. Clark NEPTUNUS REX XLI

The First YMKN King’s Coins started with John Hoche, Neptunus Rex III, but the Coin of Fellowship which had each krewe members number was conceived in 1995 by Paul W. Martin, our King Neptunus Rex XVII.

Members should carry their numbered coin with them at all times. Members at anytime or anywhere may challenge another member to present his coin.

Paul Martin established the rules concerning this Coin and the Challenge.

They are as follows:

  • The Challenge: A member may ask another member present their coin. If they do have their coin, the asking member is obliged to buy the challenged member a drink. If the challenged member does not have his coin, that member must buy the drinks.

  • The coin presented must be the coin of the Current King.

  • Past Kings may carry and present their own coin at anytime.

  • The coin of the Previous King may be presented only if the member has not received the coin from the Current King. All coins are usually received within two weeks of the Coronation Ball.


Join me in welcoming the new additions to our leadership team serving for the next 3yrs! Special thanks to our outgoing XO for a well-run and well-fed Annual Meeting, Tony Shams. Tony’s tireless efforts on behalf of the Krewe have created outstanding events like this one. And thanks to our Cove Chair, Tom Callahan, for an event space and set up and breakdown that made the night. 2024-25 will be an exciting year. If you are on the board and have interest in line officer leadership, please let our captain Bob Hill (4RobertHill@gmail.com) By Monday April 15th. Our vote for captain, XO, purser, Yeoman and Sargent of Arms will be at our reorganization meeting on May 2, at 7pm. All members are encouraged to attend, I hear our new captain will be buying drinks afterwards. Thanks, Captain Bob Hill

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Annual Meeting 2024

Hey you ready to Lead? Your Krewe needs your leadership and energy. 2024 Board Elections will be on Thursday April 4 at 7pm. If you have interest in serving on one of the 6 open positions (3-year terms), please let your captain know  4roberthill@gmail.com by March 22, 2024. Campaigning and Bribes will be open from March 22- April 4 We encourage you run and reach out to your fellow members for their support. You get out of the krewe what you put into it! Numquam Ludimus, Bob Hill Captain 43 YMKN

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Gasparilla a Time to Smile!

YMKN lead by our King Gordon Krueger and his Queen Preya Persaud our krewe sailed into a phenomenal parade season with the Gasparilla parades. First ushering the start of the of festivities with a Children’s parade. Our Royalty helped spread joy to our children guests on our float and the thousands of children from the Tampa Bay area that came out to watch the parade. Parade Chairman Tom Callahan did a great job coordinating a pizza party at the cove and arranged a party bus to our float. He thought of everything from face painters to specialty tailored music selections to bring joy to the kids. Everyone one of the kids left the event with a Smile. Our XO, Tony shams kicked off the Gasparilla weekend at the Embassy Suites with a boot kicking Diamond and Denim Cowboy theme party. Over 120 members and their guest danced and partied into the night, assuring a sparkling hoedown of fun. Bobbi and sponsored a ‘frosting” event that left the woman sparkling even more than they normally do. It was a night of many sparkling smiles. Our Invasion chair Vic Krauze again sailed our early risers into a memorable invasion. Broken rudders or disable ships could not stop our krewe from partying all the way into the port of Tampa to invade the city with smiles. The Gasparilla parade event was the centerpiece to the day with, as Brother Todd Moss is fond of saying, millions and millions of beads being thrown to the adoring crowds. The ducks punctuated the throws again this year with the crowds shouting their approval of all the booty being thrown. Hip Hip Hip Hooray !!! for our Chairs Tom and Vic and our Gasparilla chairman and XO Tony Shams. Our krewe is in debt to their service and the service of the many members that served on their committees. It was a proud moment for our Krewe, the IKC and the Tampa Bay area.

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Gasparilla and the Year of Smiles

In the coming week you will be receiving notices and reminders for Gasparilla events chaired by our XO, Tony Shams. Its Important that you check your email and the Krewe Website often during the busy parade season. I ask you to help fellow brothers that are not familiar with the technology – we need everyone to be on board for what will be a wonderful ride this season King Gordon Kurger and His Queen Preya Persaud want to make sure the entire krewe family is SMILING through-out the their year. This happiness starts with you planning and attending as many Krewe events as possible. I, our XO and board are committed to achieving our Royalty’s goal to build the krewe to 100 members, and to make sure we are all engaged and enjoying all that the Krewe offers. Our communications is undergoing revisions and tests in December to assure it is as inclusive as possible. Please make sure you check you spam filters and junk mail to assure that you are not missing any important Krewe notifications. We have been in transition over the last year- and believe we on the verge of resolving all the past communication challenges. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we move our technology and communication forward. REMEMBER- check NOW If my XO ( Tony Shams) or I can be of any assistance to you enjoying the Krewe more let us know. My email is 4roberthill@gmail.com Bob Hill- Captain 43, YMKN

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How to Get Beads if You Missed YMKN Group Order?

BEADS:  Here is how you get beads for Gasparilla if you missed the YMKN group bead order Maybe you are new to the Krewe or you just missed the group order we placed in the summer…how do you get beads for parade season? This article tells you how you can get beads, as well as what options you have when you buy them. WHERE CAN YOU GET THEM?  Start by asking your sponsor if they have any beads or know anyone that does. Many members have stockpiled beads and are happy to share them with you or sell them to you.  Come to a Board meeting and ask around, and you will be surprised how many guys have extra beads. If you cannot get beads from other members, you will have to purchase them from a vendor.  Locally, the two best places are in Tampa: You can also buy beads online.  There are many vendors but be careful about buying very cheap beads because the color will rub off all over your hands and clothes. Your best online options are: WHAT TO BUY? To the spectators, smaller beads are not desirable, but you have to consider where you will be when you are throwing beads. If you plan to be on the top floor of the float, you want to buy smaller beads, either 10 millimeter or 12 millimeter in diameter. Throwing larger diameter beads from the top of the float can actually injure someone, particularly if they are very long. If you will be tossing them while walking down the road, the larger beads are very popular and are preferred.  You will get much better reaction from the crowd if you are throwing 14 millimeter, or even better 18 millimeter or above. The most popular colors include Pearl and Gold, though Green is very popular (and you want those for St. Patrick’s Day).  You can get as creative as you wish. PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR:  YMKN typically places a group bead order in the summer each year.  Members order by the case.  Quantities depend on the size beads you order.  We pre-pay through the Krewe Store on the website, and the beads are shipped in bulk to the Cove, typically around November or December.  We then have bead pickup days where members come and claim their beads.

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