I.     Parade Conduct  

During a parade that The Krewe of Neptune participates, the membership and their guests shall obey the following rules of conduct:   A. No public drunkenness. 

  • No urinating in public places 
  • No discharging of Firearms or cannon unless parade rules allow for such and only with permission of the Parade Chairman 
  • No lifting, picking up, or physical contact with parade spectators or participants 
  • No intermingling with or disrupting any parade participants that are in a band, school or students under 21 years of age. 
  • No abuse or mistreatment of participants, animals, vehicles or parade officials. 
  • No foul language, disruptive or belligerent behavior. 
  • No Krewe member or their guest shall conduct themselves in any way that would bring disfavor or discredit upon the Krewe and its membership as is determined by the disciplinary Committee of the Krewe, the Captain or the parade Chairman.  

II.         Conduct at Krewe Functions 

No member of the Krewe or theirs guests shall engage in any conduct which shall violate the following at any Krewe function.   A.  No public drunkenness. 

  • No abuse or mistreatment of any Krewe member or a guest of the Krewe. 
  • No disruptive or belligerent behavior. 
  • No member shall drink alcohol to excess. Any member or guest may be refused further service, if in the opinion of the event chairman, bartender, or the Master at Arms that such member is under the influence of alcohol to such an extent that he could bring harm to himself or others. 


III.       Conduct at Krewe Meetings 

No Member of the Krewe shall conduct themselves in such a way as to violate any of the following:  

  1. No consumption of alcohol to the point of excess in the opinion of the chairman of the meeting, the Master at Arms or the Bartender.      
  2. No disruptive, belligerent, or disrespectful behavior towards other members of the Krewe. 
  3. No loud or disruptive behavior, which would prevent the purpose of such meeting from being achieved.   

IV.          Violations of the Code of Conduct  

  1. Any violation of the Code of Conduct for Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee upon a written complaint by a Krewe member or the written referral by any officer of the Krewe. 
  2. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may be punished by a written reprimand, suspension of Krewe membership, termination of membership or fine recommended by the Disciplinary Committee and imposed by the Board of